contact the editor here. Just couldn't get into it. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience the local community. Youll need to count the beeps you hear in low tones only. What am I like at concentrating for longer periods. It is important that we continue to promote these adverts as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times. Train Operating Companies (TOCs) run a rigorous recruitment process for trainee drivers. Youll hear a series of beeps played at random, varying between low and high tones. In each section, youre required to work with focus and accuracy against the clock. Train New Drivers from Street to Seat in around 26 weeks . Please report any comments that break our rules. I'm sure I didn't see this request? I have my A level ones and know my GCSE grades as they're on my CV and old employer but u assume LNER is quite strict with seeing the certificates. The format of the train driver assessment, Five tips on how best to prepare for train driver tests, Access all Be consistently punctual vitally important in the role of Driver! Please notethatHigher Educationcertificatessuch as Degreequalificationsdo notsupersedetheGSCE(Equivalent)requirements. Think about "Safety" as number one priority in all the questions! There are variations on this computer-based assessment, but the most commonly used involves a grey square on the screen, which will change in shade intermittently. The only qualifications needed to become an apprentice at LNER are maths and English GCSE Grade 9-4/A*-C, or equivalent. "@context": "", As an Apprentice Driver you'll be involved in the following; Does this sound like the opportunity for you? I completed an application on their website, then was invited to take an online interview where I answered around 5 questions. It is looking to take on an apprentice train. This was then followed by an awkward set of video questions, for which had no human interaction and you were asked fairly irrelevant questions, with little or no time to formulate a proper answer. These are just a few, but hopefully, theyll help. For example, a Group Bourdon test is just 10 minutes long, whereas a situational judgement test will allow for more time. I have my A level ones and know my GCSE grades as they're on my CV and old employer but u assume LNER is quite strict with seeing the certificates. Good luck to those who apply . We know this makes it a lengthy process for our candidates, so before you click that apply' button, take a look at the requirements of the role and the steps that will follow, to make sure you are fully prepared. We would advise you to keep an eye on the LNER jobsite. Hi everyone, has anyone got any tips for the types of interview questions ill get asked at my interview? Youll need to watch this square for around half an hour, registering every time a change occurs with the click of a button. If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can If you fail your first attempt at the train driver assessment, youre permitted a second attempt provided it is more than six months after the first. } Now we're looking for the people who can deliver this, every day. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. You see five pages or screens each with 25 columns. Just as with a face to face interview we recommend that you prepare in advance and find a quiet place to do the videointerview where you won't be disturbed.Step 3. All interview answers are verified by our interview panel of experts. Be the first to find this interview helpful, What would make you an ideal LNER employee, Role specific questions particularly focussed on funded learning (apprenticeships etc.). LNER - Apprenticeship Train Driver - Newcastle (07/03/23) Thread starter Driver068; Start date Tuesday at 14:10; Tuesday at 14:10 #1 Driver068 Member. Apply Today. reviews. Its impossible to gauge when talking to yourself much easier when talking to someone else, no idea how long there take to come back to us after this. With tip four in mind, its also important not to burn yourself out. Permanent + 1. . contact IPSO here, 2001-2023. Experience of being an effective team player. Location and salary information: Level 3 Train Driver apprenticeships are full-time, salaried roles. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. it's not just about the drivers and crew. Had to go through various SJT tests which I passed and also a video recording interview and Driver Manager Interview. You are using an out of date browser. I interviewed at London North Eastern Railway, Video interview, had to record 2 minute clips which were the answers to the questions there was 5 in total. The company, which operates services between Scotland, the North-East, North Yorkshire and London, was recently awarded 'UK Top Employer' in January this year. We are committed to creating an inclusive, engaged culture that supports everyone at every stage of their journey and ensures that when you're at LNER, you can always be you. Can I work on my own This will give the assessor insight into how well suited you are, both for the role and as an employee of the train operating company. Youll be working against the clock in each assessment so when taking practice tests, make sure you do so under timed conditions. Am I a flexible person View Stephen's full profile . On appointment into a Trainee Driver role you will be enrolled into the Driver Apprenticeship Programme which will lead to a nationally recognised qualification. The Train Drivers Academy is not a physical establishment but rather a cloud-based and virtual centre for train . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Driver only operated services and guard operated services from staffed and unstaffed stations. We're proud of all the awards our apprenticeship programmes have received. Employers can view details of the Train driver (level 3) apprenticeship training course, including its qualification level, typical duration and the maximum funding available. Just answer HONESTLY and dont spend too much time thinking about each question. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Any tips for the SJT questions as I was told they seem quite easy but they are quite strict as to what answers are correct. Youll need to be at least 20.5 years old when you apply. Further. This varies. "thumbnailUrl": "", Our new Azuma train has brought faster journey times, more space and greater reliability. Three of LNER's female drivers, left to right: Trudi Kinchella, apprentice Vandana Mungur and former neuroscientist Mena Sutharsan Mena Sutharsan, 36, did a BSc in biomedical science at UCL. As an apprentice, you will be trained in many areas, including driving and maintaining our trains/rail network and be taught how to work in a range of railway areas, such as depots . This topic has 1 reply, 5 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 8 months ago by admin. In almost all cases, the TOC to which you have applied will send you a preparation pack outlining the tests you'll face, and the schedule for your assessment day. staff registers for 4,586 members of staff who worked on the North London Railway (1848-1920) in RAIL 529. Watch this video to learn more: I interviewed at London North Eastern Railway (London, England) Interview I mean the whole process was very long and didn't make sense. . 61,739 a year. 2. Though its important to work fast, its also key to remember that very few people will manage to answer all questions within the allotted time frame. How did you know you have until Thursday? Join train driver Dyl. Health & wellbeingTo create a culture where our people can perform at their best, the physical health and mental wellbeing of our people is of paramount importance to us. Homepage London North Eastern Railway . Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Search Remote Jobs Showing London And North East Railway (Lner) Jobs (1 - 10 of 4) I dont think I would of thought to prepare for some of these! If you have already completed Driver psychometrics within the last five years, we'll simply check they are to our standard and you will skip this stage. Our people are the heart of our business Find out more about our diverse people, We proudly support the communities who we serve and who serve us, Doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact, today and in the future. As with any profession where these tests are used, situational judgement tests in the train driver assessment process measure how youre likely to act in certain workplace scenarios. The 6 questions are concise and to the point and make a lot of people panic, showing theyd definitely get no further. Anna Maggs, apprentice train driver with LNER, said I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship and the amount Im learning from the experience. OUR APPRENTICESHIP SCHEMES ARE OPEN! Check out our special offers and updates. In section two, youll be shown a grid containing various pieces of information, much like a directory listing. Any tips or sample questions would be great. What our customers say about our Train Driving tests. Career pathway: Once qualified, future opportunities include Driver Mentor, Driver Trainer and Driver Team Manager. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. You must log in or register to reply here. "I feel proud to look back and think about how much I've achieved in such a short period of time. Salary : 24,048 rising to 54,575 plus free rail travel : Frequency Before your assessment day, be sure to give your mind a break and get plenty of rest. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. As the tests administered are designed to measure your natural capabilities, rather than learned knowledge, applicants are only permitted two attempts to pass the train driver assessment. The role, which will involve a year-long training programme, will see apprentices paid a minimum of 28,711, with the salary rising once qualified. Acceptable current and prior equivalent qualifications for English and maths minimum requirements in apprenticeships are set by the Department for Education. Apprenticeships are fast becoming the norm for people who want to fast-track their careers. Each TOC uses its own combination of assessment types, and the length of each test contained can differ widely. In a written communication test, employers are looking to establish if you have appropriate command of the English language to fulfil your duties, such as producing a coherent incident report. Good luck to those in the running still and I hope you fare well. The process was very thorough and conducted very professionally from start to finish. It is steered and managed by the Rail Delivery Group. What skills do you have that will be an asset to our team? If you haven't checked already there may be roles available - click here to find out. Better. We also collaborate with external partners to offer a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities in other roles. Youll need to search a grid to identify relevant entries, whilst at the same time counting beeps. Might have to order the certificate replacements as a last resort. "uploadDate": "2021-02-16T14:11:17+00:00", A Train Driver could work in a number of rail environments, such as high speed, passenger, freight, underground, metro, suburban, cross border, depots, sidings or maintenance sheds; moving passengers, goods, empty coaching stock or driving on-track machines to perform infrastructure maintenance work. Youll need to scan from left to right and pick out those boxes with four dots only. I took it after a long night at work, so it might be the reason why concentration was difficult. Studying for and passing all relevant assessments which contribute to becoming a Qualified Train Driver. Instant online access as soon as your order is placed. It is split into three parts, the first of which focuses on auditory processing. Once you click Start Now' you will need to complete that test to ensure a fair approach for all candidates.Step 2. of They will ask you to upload certificates I believe maybe not at application stage but definitely at some point in the process. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Programme duration: 13 months, plus 3 months End Point Assessment (EPA). There were two people that interviewed me, one who was not on the list of interviewers. These tests are made up of behavioural and concentration tests, so we would advise that you find some time and a quiet space to complete them so that you aren't disturbed. Good insight, didnt have time to do the actual math, will do it in full next time. 73000 is pretty hefty, whats the TCs like? I applied online. This is the interview that you need to make sure youve really brushed up on the TOC and show that you know everything about them. Unlock our complete testing platform and get ready for your If youre applying outside of Europe, the format will vary. Career pathway: Once qualified, future opportunities include Customer Experience Duty Manager, On Trains Skills and Competency Manager, or Train Manager Trainer. So far it's been a very caring industry with plenty of opportunities for career progression. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. "LNER values the contribution of all of our apprentices and we are delighted to be supporting them in gaining new experience as well as a recognised qualification.. Regardless of which particular sections you failed on initially, you will be required to sit the entire test suite again. Join us and you'll take you first steps in one of a number of careers . You can change your choices at any time by clicking on the 'Privacy dashboard' links on our sites and apps. Cookie Policy. Be resilient and able to work under challenging situations without losing focus. Anyone interested in attending the programme is encouraged to visit where you can find further information and submit their application. Find out what the Train Drivers Academy is. The role, which will involve a year-long training programme, will see. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Apprentice train driver Liverpool Lime Street **Brand New EMR Depot** Apprentice train driver Liverpool Lime Street **Brand New EMR Depot** Liked by Stephen Lewis. Full details of vacancies in your location, how to apply and the selection process can be found on the LNER jobsite. That said, they are purposefully designed to be mentally challenging, and for that reason, require plenty of practice and preparation. Comments have been closed on this article. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". "name": "The Northern Echo", If you're successful, it will be back to school on an intensive training programme designed to give you the foundations to become a professional Qualified Train Driver. Theyll definitely want someone who can show they can follow procedures and rules and that can stay calm and focus in stressful/emergency situations. The Train Drivers Academy was established in April 2019 on the request of the Department of Transport. You will work alongside highly experienced staff, trainers and coaches to gain job-specific skills and be given time for study related to your role. They assess your ability to apply these skills under pressure, each test requiring both accuracy and speed under timed conditions. Find out more about how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and cookie policy. Although I did not get the job due to not having as much experience. For anyone who is stressing about certificates you can get proof of your studies and grades from your exam boards in GDPR requests to see what data they hold on you. Youll then answer a series of multiple choice questions based on this information. "We've. JavaScript is disabled. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. You have notbeen unsuccessful at psychometric stage within the last six months with any Train Operating Company. Picture British Rail old boys club, the most un-diverse interview panel of the century. Please register an account for vacancy alerts on the. Fair enough, surprised then why they dont just have a 20 minute zoom interview or something would be far better then 6 questions with no back and fourth. 12 The essential training provided for Apprentice Driver at LNER is part of our apprenticeship programme, so please note the essential qualificationrequirements detailed below for GCSE or equivalent. The process consists of the following (other methods of assessing may also be used): 1: Stage 1 OPC psychometric testing 2: EMR Assessment Day (You will be assessed on group and individual activities) OLE Apprentice Juniper Crescent, London Signalling Apprentice Brentwood, Essex Signalling Apprentice Bristol, Gloucestershire Signalling Apprentice Swindon, Wiltshire Track Apprentice Kings Norton, Birmingham Track Apprentice Brentwood, Essex Traction and Rolling Stock Apprentice Rugby, Midlands